Pro 2500

  • Pro 2500

    500 € / month

  • maximum 2,500 uploaded pages per month
  • authentication by document
    (digital signature and time stamp)
  • 10 document types can be set up
  • full text search
    (full text OCR)
  • maximum 20 users
  • possibility of own indexation
  • database construction
  • document upload application
    (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Outlook O365 integration
  • IBM Amsterdam cloud storage (250 GB)

Our Pro 2500 (“Profi 2500”) package, in which you can upload up to 2,500 pages in every month, is recommended to small and medium enterprises which have grown to the size where a monthly amount of paper-based documents filling 5 to 6 ring binders are generated possibly at more than one sites. This quantity and the production, transport, storage and retrieval of documents at several sites imposes also a serious logistics task on the company. Using our solution, you can sort your business documents into 10 types, and give authorization to the system to up to 20 users. In this way, the paper-based documents generated at various sites can get to the headquarters of the company or to the accountant within seconds IN THE ORIGINAL. You do not have to mail them at high costs or use a delivery service, only a photograph with the help of the mobile application, and you can work with the original document anywhere, at any time, in line with the levels of authorization. With the help of this package you can spare money not only on storage costs, but on forwarding the original documents as well. No postage, no delivery service, no storage and searching for documents for days. You and your colleagues can access the ORIGINAL documents of your enterprise from anywhere. We provide a mobile application for all users FREE OF CHARGE. Our data security is ensured by IBM. 
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