Basic 500

  • Basic 500

    290 € / month

  • maximum 500 uploaded pages per month
  • authentication by document
    (digital signature and time stamp)
  • 5 document types can be set up
  • full text search
    (full text OCR)
  • maximum 5 users
  • possibility of own indexation
  • database construction
  • document upload application
    (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Outlook O365 integration
  • IBM Amsterdam cloud storage (50 GB)

AOur Basic 500 (“Alap 500”) package, in which 500 pages can be uploaded and authenticated, is also recommended to startup or micro-enterprises who wish to resolve the storage of their ORIGINAL documents cost efficiently and without using paper. They can set up 5 different document types, by which they can sort their documents more precisely. To this package, 5 users can be set up, so not only the management and the accounting, but even external partners or colleagues may use the system from anywhere, at any time. A general recommendation for the 5 document types to set up: contracts, incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, certificates of performance, account statements. (Of course, you can freely set up any type of document with index data according to wish.) We provide a mobile application for all users FREE OF CHARGE. No more superfluous archiving, retrieval or running to the accountant. Register yourself today, and try our service FREE OF CHARGE by pressing the MyGreenArchive button on the opening page.

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