Recommendation program

Use our service free of charge.

Bring one new client every month, and you can authenticate and forward the ORIGINAL documents of your company free of charge.

Recommend us trustfully to your clients and partners. In this case, we can offer you two advantages.

From this moment, you can forward your invoices, contracts or any other document to you partners IN THE ORIGINAL while avoiding cost incurred by mailing or delivery services. This may result in especially great financial advantages for companies with regularly high monthly postage. Not to mention that we behave environmentally aware and even plant trees.

For each new client that you recommend, and that joins our system, you will receive one month of service free of charge. Bring us a new client every month, and you can use our system free of charge.


Conditions of recommendation:

  • the recommended client should choose a package fee at least as high as that used by your company (in case of a lower priced package we offer you a 50% discount)
  • the newly registered company uses and pays for our system through at least 3 months (we provide you the free month after that)
  • after the free (or 50%) month you undertake not to notice our service for a further 3 months
  • the recommended party acknowledges to us that he contacted us on your recommendation

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