Why use cloud?

Today’s standard question when selecting new IT solutions whether or not we should go for a solution based on our own server background or a cloud solution. Both have the pros and cons, and also the size and safety requirements of the business should be taken into account, but there is one thing we are absolutely sure of. Until now, there are a number of apparent reasons in support of cloud solutions with regards to security, process engineering, efficiency and costs.

Some of these arguments:

  • there is no high investment cost when purchasing a server which may not be a PC
  • there is no need of a server operating systems
  • there is no need of user licenses
  • there is no need of local IT staff, system administrator, and there is no labour cost
  • there is no need of a server room for storing the safe device
  • there is no local power consumption for the server and coolers
  • there is no need to make safety backups, they are taken care of for us
  • in case of power failure there is no data loss risk
  • there are no annual software license extension fees
  • there is no risk of phishing by external intruders
  • there are no unexpected expenditures for asset maintenance or replacement
  • there are no unexpected or redundant expenditures when the size of the business changes

The point is that the cloud service can be paid at monthly intervals, you do not have to invest in advance, and it can be altered or completely cancelled at any time.
There is no server side solution at the moment that could provide a more flexible, cost efficient and safe solution.
The GreenArchive solution of DO-Q-MENT is operated on cloud basis, and, in addition, it runs in the IBM Bluemix system in the Amsterdam data centre which is the safest at the moment. 

The certificates of IBM Bluemix can be accessed here:




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