Why do we need authentication?

  • because the evidentiary value of our authenticated documents is the same as that of the original paper-based documents, but they cannot be destroyed, cannot lost or perish
  • any number of digital copies — which will also be authentic — can be made of our authenticated documents, so each person authorized to access will see the original matter
  • by storing, transferring or retrieving authenticated digital documents, time, energy and considerable costs are saved
  • legal protection at the highest level — the possibility of authentication of documents, even images; evidence can be produced that a certain event occurred at that specific time and at that specific place, in the form and with the content as authenticated. It is an incontestable proof which has a priceless value in certain cases. In judicial proceedings, our authenticated document or photograph may be a conclusive evidence

The point is to think forward — the legal consequences of authentication are based on international rules and standards. They are accepted in all the European countries, so they may have a conclusive role even in international proceedings. It provides protection, significantly speeds up and simplifies internal processes, and results in significant financial savings. Set out on the path of authenticated document management with the help of the GreenArchive, since, from this moment, every day will be wasted time and cost.

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