Where and for what purpose can it be used?

Small practics, areas of applications used by our clients in practice:

  • In case of paper-based outgoing invoices, after authentication, it is not necessary to print out the second copy, so we satisfy the condition of storing the original, but without paper.
  • In case of incoming electronic invoices which have not been authenticated by the issuing party, that is, they were intended for printing, after authentication we can save printing and storaging on paper.
  • In case of incoming paper-based invoices, after scanning and authentication, we save the risks and costs of paper-based storage, but even retrieval will be faster since each document will be equipped with an OCR (optical character recognition) surface. So you can use even free text search in our system, without indexation.
  • Have you been receiving many invoices and contracts from the same firm on an ongoing basis? Give them access to your system, and ask them to upload the documents for you in the original but without paper. In this manner, the sender can save postage, and you can save the costs of opening, sorting, scanning and storing. On top of it all, all this takes place within seconds.
  • Do you have to keep visiting your accountant to give them the invoices and contracts, and, in addition, you receive several boxes of documents every year for storage? Authorize your accountant to access your system, so they can receive the required documents on a daily basis in the original, but without using paper.
  • Are a lot of various documents generated at your external sites? Or even abroad? Download our mobile application, and your documents will be uploaded from any place and at any time, in the original, but without paper. So you can forget about not only the movement but also the storage of documents for good.
  • Are your documents logically connected to each other? Organize them in our system, link them up, and you can retrieve the documents of entire transactions within seconds, in the original.
  • Do you have wide-spread relationships all over Europe? Do you have sites in several countries and would like to see your original documents in a single system? Use our services in several languages, with authentication complying with international standards. In this way, you can see the documents of all group companies within Europe as a whole, and in the original. In this way, you can do without postage between companies, since the digital and authentic documents can be forwarded in seconds all over Europe, equipped with authentic acknowledgment of receipt.

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