What is DO-Q-MENT GreenArchive?

What is DO-Q-MENT GreenArchive, and how can it help your enterprise?
GreenArchive is a cloud solution for storing and forwarding digitalized documents that are authentic also in legal terms, which has revolutionized archiving. If you use our system, you will not have to store the documents of your company that are generated on paper through dozens of years in order to comply with the rules of law and document preservation deadlines.
Our philosophy is that we do not need paper, only the information it holds.
If any paper-based document is generated either within your office or at an external site, using our monthly charged service you will be able send your invoices or contracts to your accountant with a refresh interval of 2 seconds even from a car.
No more lost invoices, no more redundant storage and the trouble of searching documents for days.
Even using a smartphone or tablet, you can access the original documents of your business from anywhere and at any time.
Why Green? ? Because from now on, paper can go back to the paper-mill, and we even plant trees in the name of your company.
How much does it cost? No investment is needed at all. It is a service charged on a monthly basis which we can customize to the size of your business, or you can choose one of our packages.
Try us free of charge, and be an environmentally award company leader using the most state-of-the-art and safe, and to top it all the most cost efficient, archiving system the background of which is provided by IBM.

Presentation of the 3-pillar service of GreenArchive

The service offered by GreenArchive integrates three special areas which were quite independent from each other until now into a joint solution which is unique even at international level. 
It is this trinity that makes our solution unique and ensures sustainability, economic and safe operation and environmentally aware self-sufficiency for its users. 
The GreenArchive system relies on three main pillars:
1) The safest cloud and IT solutions that can be found among today’s state-of-the-art technologies. These include the IBM Bluemix cloud storage service, the Microsec authentication system, the OCR service of Nuance, the unique identification system of PassByMe as well as the GreenArchive archiving and document management system of our own development to which a unique application is linked by which you can forward your original documents from anywhere to anywhere in seconds. This is the first mobile application in Europe which is capable of mobile authentication. 
2) Environmentally aware and self-sufficient processes and solutions. In the cooperation of GreenArchive and the Green Business Association, we take care of planting a tree every year in the name of each one of our clients. With this, even by using our basic service only, you can become an environmentally aware firm attaching significance to the future of our Earth and environment. Apart from this, we offer further green investment programs such as carbon neutralization and a paper taxi service by which you can request the safe destruction of your paper-based official documents free of charge. The GreenArchive service is really able to establish the “self-sufficient green office.”.
3) Equality programs. We wish to offer job opportunities for disabled people in the areas of remote data recording, database construction and data mining all over Europe. We believe that with the help of the GreenArchive system we are able to provide jobs for all those who have been excluded from the labour market so far without any fault on their part. With our unique solution, we are able to take over data recording tasks from any country in Europe in seconds, even in the language of the given country. With this, we can help companies not only with respect to their cost efficiency, but thank to our authentication system complying with international standards we can take part in making businesses paperless in any European country.
GreenArchive is a unique solution for extraordinary business leaders who attach importance to the future, safety and cost efficiency, and who have high social sensitivity. 
Make your business our partner, select one of our packages, or ask for our personalized offer.

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