Mobile Application

Our mobile application can be used to create certified duplicates of any contract, invoice or bill-of-freight in just seconds, and to immediately make it available to anyone, from anywhere around the world.

Files created with the mobile application include the personal identification of the individual who generates them, along with the exact time and exact location, using GPS coordinates, where the file was generated, all as fixed metadata. This provides exact information and proof about who created the file in question, and where, since it is authenticated IMMEDIATELY after being generated. Not even the person who created the file can manipulate it later on.

On top of that, the file is immediately forwarded to the cloud system, thanks to which all stakeholders can access the original material IMMEDIATELY, even if it was created off premises or even in a different country.

In addition to the office environment, the GreenArchive Mobile Application can be used to record ALL business events AUTHENTICALLY with the help of just a mobile phone.

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