Mailing free of charge

Do you often have to go to the post office? Do you send invoices, contracts, certificates of performance to your partners IN THE ORIGINAL regularly, on a monthly basis?

Have you ever counted how much it costs to you?

With the help of GreenArchive, now you can post ALL kind of documents FREE OF CHARGE and IN THE ORIGINAL if the other party is a GreenArchive user as well. Invite your partners to use the system and send to each other FREE OF CHARGE and IN THE ORIGINAL on account of the monthly package free.

It is definitely a favourable and cost efficient solution in case of international companies where we are able to transfer ORIGINAL documents in seconds WITHOUT FRONTIERS.

To our clients recommending us to new clients we offer ONE MONTH OF SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE for each successful new deal.

Indicate us, please, to whom you recommended our services.

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