Immediate advantages

What is DO-Q-MENT GreenArchive
and how does it help your business?

Advantages of the service:

  • it can be used without any investment at all; there is no first entry fee
  • training for the users during the implementation period free of charge
  • authentication on the basis of an international standard, acceptance in the whole of Europe
  • Hungarian and German user interface (also English will be available soon)
  • real time information for the leaders of the company
  • for the accountants, paperless access to the company’s accounts in the original
  • possibility of complete elimination of paper-based archiving
  • authentic documents accessible from anywhere and at any time
  • reduction in the cost of superfluous copying and printing
  • speeding up of the management and forwarding of original documents
  • transfer of original documents with the help of our mobile application
  • reduction in the postage cost of original documents
  • significant reduction in the retrieval time
  • optimization of human resources
  • minimized risks arising from loss of documents
  • creation of a green PR value with respect to the tree planting program
  • green investment program – carbon neutralization (based on specific offer)
  • possibility of using external data recording staff (based on specific offer)

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