Authentic image

You probably made a number of photographs of events, situations in the walks of life, or situations that you wanted to preserve for the future. But it could also occur that you wanted to produce an evidence with the help of a photo to prove your truth, that a certain event occurred at the place and time and in the manner as shown in the photo. But there is a huge problem with that. A smart lawyer can take apart this evidence, since months can pass in the demonstration proceedings since the taking of the photo, when the image can be altered for example by Photoshop.


What is then an authentic photograph?  


With our unique mobile application, you can make photos that may be conclusive even in court proceedings. The essence of an authentic photograph is that right after taking the photograph the person taking the photo, the time of the shot and the accurate GPS coordinates are immediately recorded. The picture is placed in the final storage location in the cloud where it is immediately authenticated, that is, equipped with an advanced electronic signature and time stamp. In this manner, the possibility of alteration of the image will terminate within a few seconds after taking the photo, and it will have full demonstrative power regarding who, when and where took the given photo.

This opportunity has innumerable areas of application, since the only question is when, where and what event we want to record in an authenticated manner.


Try our service and create authentic information with the help of the GreenArchive.

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