Authentic audio and video

In developing this unique solution, we sought to place focus on not just document management and its acceleration, but also to take into consideration all file types and formats that may be generated in the life and operation of a company.

Reason being is that economical processes are often substantiated with other documents that are not paper based, including photos, videos or even voice recordings of conversations.

Accordingly, the GreenArchive mobile application can be used to record, archive, forward and interlace every file type, i.e. documents, images, audio and video; all of which happens AUTHENTICALLY and using the ORIGINALS.

Like elsewhere, PKI technology is used to provide authentication here too. Because it is an EU standard, it is accepted and deemed ORIGINAL throughout the countries of Europe, consistently with the eIDAS Act.

So, it is not only hardcopy documents that you can use to generate ORIGINAL duplicates at the press of a button, but you can also create photos, video clips or even audio files of recorded conversations, all with conclusive probative force.

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