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Ágoston Hortobágyi

owner / managing director

Green Business Association

Economist specialised in tourism; advertising and marketing specialist.

After almost 10 years as a successful entrepreneur in the automotive industry, Ágoston Hortobágyi founded DO-Q-MENT Kft in 2009, which started as a company dealing with traditional data storage.

Following a change of concept, traditional archiving was replaced by cloud technology based on individual solutions. Thereby, an environmentally friendly approach became dominant.

The GreenArchive project was started in this spirit and it will realise the “self-sustainable green office” concept in three steps: first in Hungary, and then in Europe. The basic principle is that companies contribute positively towards the establishment of a sustainable economy through climate-neutral archiving, thereby also lowering their own ecological footprint.

In addition, Ágoston is committed to involve and convince small- and mediu enterprises, as well as large companies to think in an environmentally friendly way.

Ágoston wants to draw attention to the long-term perspective of sustainable development for the following reasons
All production and consumption activities affect our environment
The effects of production and consumption on our environment can reduce natural resources and thereby pollute our environment and also negatively affect human health
There are big differences between different countries in terms of their level of development, the effects on the environment and the living standard of citizens,
global social and environmental problems can only be solved together

Last but not least:
We can only avoid environmental problems if we learn to produce and consume in an environmentally friendly way, if we do not burden our environment anymore, and if we learn to live our lives in a sustainable manner.

DO-Q-MENT Digitális Irat-archiváló
és Stratégia Tervező Kft.

H-1134 Budapest, Tüzér u. 30.

DO-Q-MENT Datenverarbeitung GmbH.

A-Schottenfeldgasse 85/1, 1070 Wien


Company Register: 01-09-930144  
Tax: 11686729-2-41  
EU tax: HU11686729  
Bank Account : 11600006-00000000-65333404  Erste Bank  

Green Business Szövetség

Do-Q-Ment is a founding partner of the Hungarian Green Business Alliance. Ágoston Hortobágyi is the president of the Alliance.
Green Business Alliance has members who factor in environmental protection when creating strategies as they consider it to be a growth comparative advantage opportunity.
Our slogan: ethical buisness, healthy environment. Act now for a sustainable future!
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