Planting trees

The point in the GreenArchive system is the two-way support it gives to the approach of sustainability. On the one side, it helps in achieving paperless operation, so that from now on we do not use paper as a data storage media, but the cloud which is much more up-to-date and safe. In this way, paper can go back to the paper-mill almost immediately for recycling.
But our data and information will be preserved IN THE ORIGINAL, also in legal terms.
The other raw material of papermaking is wood, and because of this demand, unfortunately, forests are continuously being cleared. The continuous replacement is also a fundamental mission of GreenArchive, so we plant a tree every year for each one of our clients in cooperation with the Green Business Association. 
In this way, we can contribute to the growing rather than the clearing of forests because of the continuous paper demands.

A basic principle of our business approach is that we can win in an economic process only if our environment also wins.

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